General / Specific Structural Surveys

Our reports are often used in conjunction with, or subsequent to, a Home Buyers Report and in many cases can be requested for mortgage or insurance purposes. The content of reports can also be instrumental in gaining approval from local authorities in respect of building projects such as extensions and other major structural alterations.


We provide general structural survey encompassing all major structural elements of the respective building. A typical general survey will include a report on the following primary structural elements;

  • Roof structure
  • Floor Structure
  • External and (where appropriate) internal walls
  • We will give a general condition appraisal of the above elements making specific note of any structural defects. Respective remedial repairs will be advised as required.


    These are often requested in respect of the findings of a non-structural building survey. We will often be instructed to focus on a specific defect within the fabric of a property. Our report will be based solely on the driving mechanism, the nature of the defect and the respective remedial repair works required.

    A typical specific survey would focus on elements such as;

  • Isolated internal or external cracking
  • Specific areas of structural movement
  • Adverse deflection and failure of specific structural elements
  • Please note that neither of these reports constitute a "Home Buyers Report and Valuation". This would normally be carried out by a chartered surveyor, please see our resources section for further information. Our reports will not contain information pertaining to non structural elements. This includes drains, electrical wiring, heating and mechanical services, plaster, windows/doors, damp proof courses or insulation.