Public Sector; Boscastle Top School (Primary)

Design Engineer; Dan Austin BSc (Hons) Cornwall Sustainability Awards: Runner-Up 2010 award for sustainable construction

Innately it can be hard to achieve true sustainability and environmentally conscious engineering solutions. This is particularly challenging given the regular use of traditional engineering elements such as concrete, steel and chemical composite substances used widely in industry. However, from the outset of this project we worked hand in hand with the architect to realise the sustainable vision held by both the client and the design team.

The task presented to us was to help achieve a contemporary yet conscientious renovation and extension to an existing historic property. It was at the forefront of the design to complement the existing structure whilst realising a modern and effective space.

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This idea became reality by regularly liaising with the architects to retain the physical integrity of the stone building whilst maximising the area of glazed windows and doors, for which we provided the design of a full height timber glazing frame. This was delicately coupled with steel elements to act as both a facilitator for the substantial glazing whilst ensuring the structural integrity of the existing stone building. This, along with the striking extension was primarily constructed from Douglas Fir which was sustainably grown in Cornwall. The timber frame implemented was unified with bespoke steel fixings and braces designed by ourselves specifically for this project.

The combined efforts of all involved helped the project achieve second place in the prestigious Cornwall Sustainability Awards in 2010, whist remaining a functional asset to the local community of Boscastle.