New Build | Torrs View

Design Engineer; Dan Austin BSc (Hons)

In 2007 we provided engineering details for a substantial new development of a hotel and restaurant on the North Devon coast. In light of this the client appointed us as the principal engineers on his personal domestic project in early 2009. We were involved in the design process from a particularly early stage. This allowed us to ensure that the design remained structurally feasible given that the concept was challenging and contemporary. Had the project been run and programmed without our input at this key stage the build would have likely proven more difficult to implement.

Set with a commanding aspect over the North Devon coastline the property was afforded outstanding 360 degree views. This meant that careful engineering and architectural consideration had to be given to the harsh weather exposure post construction.

The design was such that large open-plan social and living areas were instrumental in the overall success of the internal space. This required us to deliver neat and concise structural solutions associated with large spans and high loadings from the demanding level of finishes. We were faced with the challenge of seamlessly and successfully amalgamating a traditional masonry construction with a large proportion of steel framing. Added to this externally steel framing was required for structural reasons but was also integral to the success of the external facades.

A good working relationship between ourselves, the client, contractors and other consultants ensured the delivery of a truly unique and breathtaking property to complement its equally impressive setting.