New Build | Healthy Gate

Design Engineer(s); Tom Fewings MEng (Hons) / Ben Jackson BSc (Hons)

Healthy Gate is located on the north coast of Cornwall. It comprises two spacious, high specification contemporary dwellings. As the principal engineers for the project we focussed on striking a sound balance between form and function. We were involved in the design and specification of all the structural aspects of the build. This included steel tie timber trusses, cantilevered balconies, internal glazed walkways and steel framing for a number of panoramic glazed facades. These were designed and specified together with more traditional elements of a building such as flooring joists, roofs and foundations and retaining walls.

With good quality architectural design, continual engineering input and support the project was able to be delivered successfully and in adherence to the specification set by our client. Thanks equally to the skilled workmanship of the contractors the properties are finished to a high standard.