Barns | Hole Barton

Design Engineer; Tom Fewings MEng (Hons)

Hole Barton Farm provided a classic opportunity for the development of a number of barns into domestic residential properties. In total five independent barns were renovated together with the large original farmhouse. As the barns had fallen into varying states of disrepair a significant amount of structural design had to be accomplished for the project. Right from the conception of the project Foulkes Jackson Fewings were involved in providing a full set of general structural survey reports for the buildings. To accompany these reports a geotechnical survey was undertaken on site so as to provide valuable design information for various aspects of the project.

Throughout the design process we worked closely with the Architects to provide the remedial structural detailing needed for each building. Amongst other things this included the design and specification for trussed roofs, wall underpinning, retaining walls and floor structures.

During the project poor weather rendered access to the site difficult. In order to save a significant amount of money, Foulkes Jackson Fewings advocated not pushing forward the construction of the final road scheme but instead installing a temporary road surface for the period of construction. In order to do this local crushed stone quarry waste was used to form the temporary running surface. This both mitigated the risk of fouling the sub base for the final road and also provided a cost effective and efficient temporary traffic surface.

Completed project photographs coming soon...